Welcome to 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning! These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you (the “Customer”) and 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning, a carpet cleaning service located in Baldivis. By accessing or using our website (7elevenrugcleaningbaldivis.com.au), and by engaging our services, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Baldivis

  • Subject to the terms of this Agreement, 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning agrees to provide carpet cleaning services (the “Service”) to the Customer at the address specified by the Customer (the “Premises”).
  • The Service will include carpet and upholstery cleaning services as agreed upon during the booking.
  • We will assign one or more carpet cleaning technicians (the “Carpet Cleaner”) to attend the Premises at a time and date mutually agreed upon (the “Service Time”).
  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning endeavors to provide the Service faithfully, diligently, and in a timely and professional manner.

Additions and Amendments

  • Any changes to the Service must be agreed upon by 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning before the Service Time.
  • For additional services or variations during the Service, the Customer must contact 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning by telephone. The Carpet Cleaner is not authorized to agree to changes directly.

Customer Representations and Warranties

The Customer represents and warrants that:

  • The Premises will provide a safe working environment for the Carpet Cleaner.
  • The Carpet Cleaner will have unencumbered access to areas requiring the Service.
  • Utilities, including hot and cold water, electricity, and rubbish bins, will be provided as required.
  • Any hazards, slippery surfaces, risks, or dangers will be communicated to 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning before the Service.
  • The Customer is authorized to use the Premises and obtain the Service.
  • Fragile or valuable items will be secured or removed before the Service.

Health and Safety Risks

  • The Carpet Cleaner may conduct a job safety analysis before work to assess health and safety risks.
  • The Carpet Cleaner may cease the Service if there is a risk to health and safety.
  • Moisture on surfaces can present a slip hazard; Customers are advised to avoid wet areas until dry.
  • Children or dependents must be kept away from cleaning equipment and hot water.
  • The Customer must ensure a safe environment free from electrical or structural hazards.
  • Cleaning solutions are considered poisonous and not for human consumption.

Booking and Quotes

  • Bookings can be made in person, by telephone, email, or on the [7-Eleven Rug Cleaning] website.
  • Customers must provide details of hazards, slippery surfaces, risks, or dangers during booking.
  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning provides quotations at the time of booking.
  • Quotes are based on information provided; if the actual work differs, the price may vary.
  • Additional charges may apply for extra rooms or areas not initially informed.
  • The Carpet Cleaner will confirm the final price before commencing work.


  • The Carpet Cleaner will inspect stains before starting the Service.
  • Some stains may be permanent; 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning does not guarantee removal.
  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning is not responsible for pre-existing conditions not apparent upon visual inspection.
  • The Carpet Cleaner may deem it unfeasible to remove a particular stain or mark.

Cancellation Fees and Other Charges

  • The minimum charge for any Service is $40.
  • Surcharges may apply for weekend, after-hours, and public holiday bookings.
  • Customers must notify 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning by 4 pm on the business day before the Service Time for any changes.
  • Failure to provide notice may result in a cancellation fee (minimum of $20).

Fee for Non-Access to Premises

If access to the Premises is not provided, the Customer agrees to pay a cancellation fee equivalent to the minimum charge.

Payment Terms

  • The Customer agrees to pay the quoted price in full before or at the Service Time.
  • Payments can be made in cash, cheque, or via bank deposit.
  • Late payments may incur additional fees and interest.


All prices and quotations are expressed to be GST-inclusive unless specified otherwise.

Late Payment Fee

  • Invoices must be paid within 7 days of the invoice date.
  • Late payment fees and interest may apply to overdue invoices.
  • Outstanding accounts for more than 3 months may incur additional fees for in-person collection.


  • Dissatisfied Customers must inform 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning within 24 hours of Service completion.
  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning will strive to resolve complaints promptly, offering remedies such as refunds or re-supply of the Service.

Exclusions and Limitations

  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning is bound by statutory conditions and warranties.
  • Liability is limited to the resupply of the Service.
  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning is not responsible for specific exclusions listed in this section.


The Customer indemnifies 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning against losses arising from the provision of the Service and legal costs incurred.

Accidents, Breakage, Damage & Theft

  • Incidents must be reported within 24 hours of Service completion.
  • The Customer is not entitled to claim if incidents are not reported promptly.
  • Damage or loss to specific items is excluded from liability.


  • Either party may terminate this Agreement with 24 hours’ notice.
  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning may terminate immediately for Customer breach.

Changes to this Agreement

  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning reserves the right to update these terms and conditions with 24 hours notice.
  • Continued use of the Service constitutes acceptance of changes.


If any term is invalid, void, or unenforceable, it will be considered severable, and the remaining terms will remain binding.


The content of this Agreement is protected by international copyright laws and may not be used without 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning’s written permission.

Access and Preparation

  • The Customer agrees to ensure clear and unobstructed access to the specified areas for the Carpet Cleaner.
  • Prior to the Service Time, the Customer should prepare the premises by removing small items, clearing pathways, and notifying 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning of any specific requirements.
  • Furniture or heavy items that require moving during the Service should be discussed in advance and agreed upon with 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning.

Quality Assurance

  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning is committed to delivering high-quality carpet cleaning services. However, due to factors such as the age and condition of carpets, results may vary.
  • Customers are encouraged to communicate any specific concerns or expectations regarding the Service during the booking process or before the Service Time.

Environmental Considerations

  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning uses environmentally friendly cleaning products whenever possible. However, if the Customer has specific preferences or concerns about cleaning agents, these should be communicated in advance.
  • Disposal of wastewater and cleaning by-products will be handled in accordance with local environmental regulations.

Insurance Coverage

  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning maintains insurance coverage for liability and property damage arising from the provision of carpet cleaning services.
  • Customers are advised to review their insurance policies to ensure coverage for any unforeseen incidents during the Service.

Customer Cooperation

  • Cooperation with the Carpet Cleaner is essential for the efficient delivery of the Service. Customers are encouraged to address any questions or concerns directly with the assigned Carpet Cleaner.
  • Any post-cleaning recommendations provided by the Carpet Cleaner, such as ventilation or avoiding foot traffic on cleaned areas until dry, should be followed for optimal results.

Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances that may impact the provision of the Service, 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning will make reasonable efforts to communicate with the Customer and reschedule the Service as needed.

Customer Testimonials and Feedback

  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning values customer feedback and testimonials. With the Customer’s consent, positive feedback may be shared on 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning’s website or promotional materials.
  • Customers with concerns or complaints are encouraged to contact 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning promptly for resolution.

Continuing Education for Carpet Cleaners

  • Carpet Cleaners at 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning undergo regular training and education to stay updated on the latest cleaning techniques, equipment, and industry best practices.
  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning is committed to providing ongoing professional development to ensure the highest standards of service.

Community Engagement

  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning actively engages with the local Baldivis community. Customers may inquire about community events, promotions, or special offers.
  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning may, at its discretion, offer discounts or promotions to loyal customers or those who refer new business.

Social Media Engagement

  • Customers are invited to connect with 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning on social media platforms. 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning may share informative content, promotions, and customer success stories.
  • Customers are encouraged to share their positive experiences with 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning on social media, contributing to a vibrant online community.

Data Protection and Privacy

  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning adheres to strict privacy practices outlined in our Privacy Policy. Customer information will only be used to provide the Service and will not be shared with third parties without consent.
  • Customers may request details about the information collected, and 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning will provide this information in accordance with privacy laws.

Technological Advances

  • 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning embraces technological advances in the carpet cleaning industry. This may include the use of innovative cleaning solutions, equipment, or digital communication tools to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Customers will be informed of any significant technological changes that may impact the Service delivery.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our detailed Terms and Conditions. 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning is dedicated to providing exceptional carpet cleaning services in Baldivis while ensuring transparency, customer satisfaction, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@7elevencarpetcleaningbaldivis.com.au.

We appreciate your trust in 7-Eleven Rug Cleaning and look forward to serving you with excellence.